Resident's Survey

A public consultation was held from 29 February until 23 March 2020 as part of the review of the Sonning Common Neighbourhood Plan.

The consultation was launched at a public exhibition in Sonning Common Village Hall on 29 February. At the exhibition information relating to the 11 sites being considered for potential new housing development in the village was detailed along with the Neighbourhood Plan review process to date.

Residents were asked to complete surveys - either on-line or in written format - to gauge their views on the 11 sites under consideration. They were asked:

  • whether or not they thought these sites were suitable for residential development
  • what their priorities were for development generally in the village
  • what they thought of the strategy for the Neighbourhood Plan review
Landowners and their agents were also consulted (as above) and their views sought.

A total of 131 surveys were returned - 101 in written format and 30 on-line. 

The surveys were collected, collated and analysed by an independent third party. The results were compiled in a report to Sonning Common Parish Council and are published here.