Revision of the Sonning Common Neighbourhood Development Plan

After an extended break from Neighbourhood Plan matters, Sonning Common's NP working party has reconvened with a view to revising the plan and producing a new version next year.  This is necessary because - strictly speaking - the existing one only remains current until October this year; we have taken the view that we need to be seen to be working towards a new one to take account of changing circumstances - and a likely increase in the housing allocation we have to meet.

The revision is still in its early stages, but we have managed to retain the old team - myself, Barrie Greenwood, Diana Pearman, Julia Whitelaw, Leigh Rawlins and Alastair Morris - as well as recruiting some much needed new blood in the form of Stewart Woolfrey, Michael and Sheelagh Bowlfrey and Derek Wilmot.

Thus far we have organised a new community survey (the full results can be seen on this website under Revision of NDP 2028 tab) which will inform the way ahead in terms of what the village wants.  The next step is to find out which of the possible - and I stress the word possible, because no decisions have been made - sites for additional housing are actually available.  This involves contacting landowners, and that exercise is in hand.

We will be getting together in September to see where we have got to, and where we need to go.  As always, we will be consulting the village when we have anything substantive to put forward; and as always, we will be guided by the village as we progress.

Meanwhile, we are waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the appeal by Gallagher against the refusal of permission for 95 homes on the SON6 site off Kennylands Road.  The result has been promised by July 19th and is regarded by us as critical to the future of the Neighbourhood Plan.

TOM FORT, chairman SCNP revision working party.